Our Products


At Bibina we stock over 8,000 products. Below are a few of our key categories! Click through to see some of your preferred products and you might even discover some new favourites.

Please note that our stock changes daily and not everything on the lists below may be available on the day you are instore.

Please call 4954 6044 to check with our staff if you are looking for a specific product or item. 


We have a wide range of imported products from around the world such as Mediterranean, Dutch, Asian, American, Mexican, South African and many more.


Explore our wonderful world of sweets! Enjoy all of your favourite, hard to find treats at Bibina.


Frozen seafood, vegetables, fruit, pastry, finger food, potato products and pasta – you’ll find all this and more in our huge frozen range.


Our vast range of gluten free products includes the basics of breads and cereals to gourmet items such as dressings and sauces as well as snack items and cake mixes as well as frozen products and meal ideas.


Our range of gluten free coeliac and organic foods is impressive. Each offers products free from any ‘nasties,’ that is, added chemicals, synthetic fertilizers and insecticides, they’ll help keep your family in good health.


The tastemakers. Condiments are the staple of every kitchen, compliment your dishes with the best sauces, marinades, spices and seasoning products from around the world.


Our specialised cheese room offers “A Whole World of Cheese” with over 100 varieties to suit any taste.


Our chocolate room features premium chocolate & confectionery from throughout Europe and the world, a favourite stop for all local chocolate connoisseurs. Dairy free also available.


We offer great value, bulk sized cleaning products and all the latest and most innovative packaging – from coffee cups and plastic containers to soup bowls and burger boxes and more.

Download our complete product catalogue and discover the thousands and thousands of products we sell.
Most are carried in stock. Call 02 4954 6044 to check.